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Multi-coloured, Multi-faceted .... Rijeka

..... fascinating
with itís many contrasting aspects - steeped in history, yet holding step with modern technology

..... combining
ancient monuments with modern structures and contemporary enterprises

..... portraying
how industry and tourism can cohabit, side by side

..... centrally situated
easily acessible, with a sheltered bay and safe harbour, it represents the sea-gate to Europe

..... well linked
via road, sea and rail with comprehensive public transport, makes an excellent starting point for all visitors to Croatia

The unique geo-topographic location of the Kvarner bay ensures a temperate climate with warm summers and mild winters, which, combined with the beautiful scenery, truly enhance the touristic appeal of the region.
Located adjacent to a large mountain range, whilst being at the coast, it also provides a wide diversity of sporting activities.
In how many places can you swim in the sea in the morning and go snow skiing in the afternoon!?!

Clearly visible atop a hill overlooking Rijeka stands the old castle and church of Trsat, proud guardians of the town over many centuries.


An interesting way to become familiar with Rijeka's history through its versatile architecture

Carnival in Rijeka

Rijeka, with it's long history and diverse blend of european, venetian and austrian customs complemented by slavic folklore and mythology, makes it's carneval a spectacle to behold. The event is the pride and joy of the town's citizens, a ten day extravaganza for young and old, with fiestas, masked balls, music, dance and a variety of cultural events.

Istravino - the largest manufacturer and exporter of choice croatian wines.

Jadran Hotels

Hotel Bonavia, situated in the very heart of Rijeka

Automotodrom, a mere 10 km from the town centre, is a first class race track hosting numerous international motorcycle and formula car events throughout the season.

Your travelling partner in Croatia

Veterinary Clinic
Takes best care of your pets

Don't let a dental or medical problem spoil your holiday! Turn with confidence to the staff of the private Polyclinic Medico

HAK - Autoclub Rijeka
Motoring information and roadside help

Renault - sales & service

Adria Rent-a-car
with a large fleet of quality rental vehicles

Karolina Rijecka - Exclusive Shopping in Rijeka

karolina rijecka

Enlarged plan of city centre

Functional map of Rijeka with detailed street & suburb index


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