Postage rates and methods of payment

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Postage rates and methods of payment

Please note: There is a great saving on postage for multiple copies - give one to a friend -
or get one english or german, and one croatian copy - it is a great language practice!

  America, Africa, Asia and Australia:  
For 1 copy: US$ 10,- per copy + US$ 12,- for postage
For 2 copies: US$ 7,50 per copy + US$ 20,- for postage
US$ 22,-
US$ 35,-

For 1 copy: Euro 8,- per copy + Euro 7,- for postage
For 2 copies: Euro 7,50 per copy + Euro 10,- for postage
Euro 15,-
Euro 25,-

  Method of payment:  
  Bank transfer to:
Appleby - R. Hensman, Sparkasse Aachen, BLZ 390 601 80
Account Nr. 779843
  Simply send the equivalent amount of cash (no coins! and please wrap the notes in two sheets of paper) in whatever currency to:  
  Renata Flacker (Appleby)
Zadarska 45
23000 Biograd n/m

  Kn 48,- per copy + PDV (22%) + postage Kn 25,-
(For larger quantities re-sellers discount available)
Kn 85,-
  Method of payment:  
  Payable to the postman upon arrival  

Please note:
We work on trust, and hope not to be disappointed - just as we hope that you will find this publication worth your while and money - we would love to hear your comments!

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