- Volosko, Kastav, Bakar, Kraljevica, Crikvenica, Selce

Nestling on the coast between Opatija and the bay of Preluk, there is the charming old fishing village of Volosko, with a number of pleasant restaurants surrounding the small harbour.


Kastav, the town fortified by medieval bulwark with nine defensive towers, was built on the karst hill overlooking Opatija, Rijeka and the entire Kvarner Bay.

To the south of Rijeka, there is the settlement of Bakar. Once famous for it's most impressive and fertile vineyards, Bakar's terraces remain today as a monument to human achievement.


Kraljevica, situated at the mouth of the picturesque bay of Bakar, attracted during the 17th century interest of the two most powerful royal families in Croatia, the lords Frankopan and Zrinski. Both built castles here, which remain to this day as the focal point of the žOld and New TownÓ. It was within these walls that the noble lords conspired against the Austrian empire, with dire consequences.

Historically the site of the roman settlement Ad Turres, Crikvenica has developed over the years to become one of the major tourist resorts in the region.

South of Crikvenica is Novi Vinodolski, historically the centre of the ancient Vinodol region and for centuries an area under constant threat of invasion due to its attractive and strategic position.


Selce is a small coastal town situated in a picturesque bay 40 km south of Rijeka. The attractive beaches and relaxing walkways, together with a variety of sporting, entertainment and cultural events, made Selce to a popular holiday destination. Health orientated, it is also known as a health resort for the treatment of coronary and rheumatic diseases, as well as respiratory organs, suitable for physical medicine and rehabilitation.


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