dominating the "Rijecka Rezolucija" square. In 1873 Ivan Ciotta, the town mayor, entrusted the building to a young architect, dr. Filibert Bazariga.
The column in the forecourt was erected in the 16th century by the austrian tzar as an expression of gratitude after a battle.

2. ST JERONIMO CHURCH was built within an augustine convent and sponsored by the knights Devino. The construction began in 1315 and was completed in 1408. Originally built in gothic style it was reconstructed in the baroque style after being destroyed in the earthquake of 1750.
In this church a number of the more renowned members of the Devino family are buried.

was built in 1848 from the design of architect Anton Dessepij in late Biedermeyer style. The building represented a cultural and political centre in Rijeka, housing a number of historically significant events, such as the birth of "Rijecka Rezolucija" in 1906. Radio Rijeka, having moved address three times since it's beginning in 1945, finally established itself in this building in 1951.

4. SCIENCE LIBRARY erected in 1887, was originally a girls school. The library's architecture shows typical signs of Sanmicheli and Palladio, whose immensely influential Palladian style, stressing harmonic proportions and classical symmetry tending towards Mannerism, spread throughout Europe ever since the beginning of 16th century.
Today, in addition to housing the educational library, there is also the gallery of modern art.

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