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delta The town of Rijeka is an important business, trade, industrial and cultural center in the western part of the Republic of Croatia.
It is located on the Adriatic, at a point where the sea has made its deepest incision into the European continent. Due to its natural and geo-political characteristics the area is ideally situated for harbour and shipping center development. In addition to activities related to the sea, such as tourism, shipping industries, forwarding agencies, harbour activities and shipbuilding, Rijeka within its wide boundaries also boasts numerous other major industries; civil- mechanical- electro- engineering, oil and petro-chemical, timber, pulp and paper industries all feature in Rijeka's business portfolio.
However, the largest part of economy is concentrated, apart from tourism, on export. There are business and trade connections with more than 80 countries throughout the world.


Rijeka began to evolve during the 13th century, however, the most significant development was from 1728 onwards, when the Caroline road towards Zagreb was built, and the construction of a railway
link was completed. Being connected with the entire central Europe via Zagreb, Rijeka has become one of the leading harbours on the Mediterranean sea.
The port of Rijeka has a long maritime history and has been utilized
as a cargo transit port since ancient times, linking middle Europe with numerous countries throughout the world. The annual turnover is some 20 million tons of miscellaneous cargo.
The harbour has good communications with the hinterland and substantial working and warehousing capacity in the area of more than 1 500 000 m2, furnished with modern transport facilities.



Kvarner Bay and Istrian Riviera, with more than 50% of the entire tourist capacity of Croatia, represent the most developed parts of the country as far as tourism is concerned. This region has a long tradition in tourism, dating back to the 19th century. Its specific geo-topographical position ensures a very pleasant climate with hot summers and mild winters. The average annual temperature is some 14°C and the region enjoys more than 2100 hours of sunshine. The mild climate, beautiful scenery and hospitality contribute to the attractiveness of the region.

The extremely rugged coastline with numerous gentle bays is perfect for swimming and other aquatic activities. Naturally, there is a great demand for nautical tourism. In Kvarner, the Istrian Riviera and
the associated islands there are some 16 marinas and numerous small ports with a total mooring area of
500 670 m2 being available. The capacity of the marinas alone is 4 800 aquatic moorings with a further 1700 dry docks.

Furthermore, facilities are accompanied and refreshed by cultural and social events such as concerts, music festivals, sports competitions, beauty contests and folk festivities comprising local folklore and specific gastronomic delights.


sport1 SPORTS

Being a coastal town Rijeka boasts a wide diversity of sporting activities. Aquatic sports include sailing regattas, internationally renown spear fishing contests, sub-aqua seafishing competitions, swimming and water polo.

A mere 30 km from Rijeka the mountains offer opportunities for the hiking, mountaineering, hunting and coarse game fishing enthusiasts.

During the winter months the mountains are covered with snow and provide suitable slopes for the amateur and professional skier alike.

The town itself has two professional football teams and numerous other sporting clubs; basketball, hockey, handball, tennis, badminton and the local version of bowling.


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