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Amateurs as well as professional photographers say about Rab that it is an extremely photogenic island. Wherever the camera points, there is an abundance of contrasts; the modern married with the ancient, mountains dispersed with valleys, mediterranean indigenous flora alternating with agricultural fields, and all of that surrounded by the inevitable blueness of the crystal clear sea.


Rapska Plovidba operates regular ferry line between Rab and the mainland.

Situated on a small peninsula, surrounded by old town walls and encompassing four imposing bell towers, the ancient city of Rab appears like a timeless sailing vessel with four masts, unswervingly pushing ahead. The bell towers are frequent targets for camera lenses and are almost unavoidable on post cards of Rab.


One of the most important monuments in Rab is the church of St Maria. Built in the romanesque style with three naves it is one of the most unique cathedrals on the adriatic coast line between Kopar and Kotor. The free standing bell tower is an interesting example of historic architecture on the coast. With a height of 26 m it has a ground floor and four stories. It's construction began in the 12th century and required almost a hundred years to complete.

A mere 15 minutes crossing by ferry from the mainland will bring you to the island of Pag.

The town of Pag, with it's fortified walls and towers in the gothic style, dates back to the 15th century. It is one of the few remaining well preserved towns from that era. Rambling narrow streets are dotted with women wearing national costumes, busily weaving Pag lace, hand-work which is highly acclaimed for it's intricacy and quality.


Being some 63 km long and only 3 to 5 km wide Pag is both the longest and one of the narrowest islands in the Adriatic, an island with a rugged shoreline interspersed with countless bays and beaches. The stark whitened landscape with rocks bleached by the sun over millennia appears like a lunar landscape, harsh and inhospitable - and yet, the island has supported itís population since paleolithic times.

Over the centuries the name Pag has become synonymous with excellent cheese, fine lace, sheep farming, wines, salt and fishing - industries that have supported generations of islanders, with tourism adding to the island's economy only in relatively recent times.

Pizzeria Antonio


Novalja, the well known summer holiday and tourist centre on the island of Pag is ideally situated for a stop-over on your land or sea journey from Kvarner to Dalmatia.
The picturesque opposing landscapes and the mild mediterranean climate offer numerous possibilities for a relaxing holiday.

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City of Novalja

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Novalja, Island of Pag

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Novalja, Island of Pag


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