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Cres & Losinj
The two islands have a combined land area of 513 km2 including 36 satelite islands, some of which are inhabited and some barren. Cres is rich in game, which sets it apart from most of the other islands. Hunting enthusiasts will find sufficient mouflon, wild boar and deer to amuse themselves. The island is also the home of the white-headed vulture, one of the largest species of vultures.


In the heart of Cres nestles Vransko jezero, a fresh-water lake, which is yet another natural phenomena on the island. For visitors and tourists it represents an attraction with its natural beauty, for the inhabitants a source of fresh water, and for the scientists a constant research challenge.

Apart from vineyards and olive plantations Cres is famous for its lamb. The entire central region of the island is covered with meadows, which have nurtured sheep for a number of centuries. The fodder comprises some 250 various herbal shrubs and grasses moistened by salty sea droplets brought by the wind. This gives the lamb from Cres its specific aromatic taste.


Each of the small islands are specific in their way.
Susak is the product of natureís experiment. Of the 1185 islands in the Adriatic, all formed of rock, only Susak consists entirely of sand.
Ilovikís inhabitants always come back, even if they die far from their land, to be buried there.
Unije, remote and beautiful, has no cars, no police and hardly any people. But it has a large area of fertile, productive agricultural land.

Kvarneric - The bay of the Good Dolphin

Remember the old seamen's saying - the sea which the dolphins desert is a dead sea!
In one part of the Adriatic, the most secluded bay of the Mediterranean, there live happily two species of these lovely quaint sea mammals, relatives of the whale family. They are the common dolphin, Delphinus delphis, and the good dolphin, Tursiops truncatus.


Within the Losinj region you are assured of a wide variety of recreational and sporting activities, as well as excursions. In particular this archipelago is renowned for its aquatic facilities such as diving schools and surfing.

Touristic community of the city of Mali Losinj

Losinj is a secluded sanctuary for athletes, footballers, divers, tennis players and many other sportsmen training and striving for new records.


Water sports are particularly attractive around the island. The abundance of fish is a real challenge for fishermen and divers.

It is not without reason that Losinj became the chosen place for the New Year's international underwater fishing tournament. With this annual event Losinj's inhabitants part with the old, and greet the New Year.

Veterinary Ambulance
Mali Losinj

Jadranka dd.
Mali Losinj


Losinjska Plovidba
Mali Losinj


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