- Gorski Kotar

Gorski Kotar

Gorski Kotar is one of the most unspoilt natural forest environments in Europe

Whether you are a winter sports enthusiast, hunter, fisherman, hiker, canoeist, birdwatcher or simply a nature lover wanting to escape the vigours of city life - Gorski Kotar has something for everyone!

Hotel Mance
Brod na Kupi

Pansion Arnika

National Park Risnjak


Mushrooms & Fungi
You havenít been sick
until you have eaten a
poisonous mushroom !! - DO NOT!! pick or taste any mushroom or fungi without expert advice and guidance !!

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Collection of some common species of fungi you may encounter in this region. Some are good and edible, some bad and poisonous, and some are just downright ugly.

Many species are very difficult to identify correctly, often requiring microscopic examination. Clues to the specimens identity can however be gained from the size, colour, odor, form of growth, habitat and time of year. The stalk must also be inspected carefully, a ring of tissue on the upper stalk or a cup-like sac around the base may be indicators of some of the more deadly species.

Never identify an edible
mushroom by simply matching it to a picture !


Angel from hell!
The family Amanita contains one of the deadliest mushrooms known - Amanita virosa - the Destroying Angel.
Eat it and you will probably die!!

The Boletus family are cap fungi with pores and include a number of edible and very sought after mushrooms. Possibly the best known is Boletus edulis, an excellent edible mushroom with a classic mushroom smell, found in broadleaved woods and coniferous forests.

Map of Gorski Kotar


Primorsko Goranska Zupanija



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