Gorski Kotar is one of the most unspoilt
natural forest environments in Europe

Our forests provide habitat for a vast variety of fauna and flora including some rare mammal species extinct in most other parts of the world. In Gorski Kotar it is still possible to see wolves, brown bear, wild boar and lynx roaming freely. The woodlands are alive with sounds of a wide diversity of birds. The evergreen and deciduous forests are lush with a treasure trove of plant life.

Whether you are a winter sports enthusiast, hunter, fisherman, hiker, canoeist, birdwatcher or simply a nature lover wanting to escape the rigours of city life - Gorski Kotar has something for everyone!

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brod moravice Brod Moravicebutterflies
Some 70 km from the coast, on the main Rijeka/ Zagreb road, Brod Moravice nestles close to the river Dobra amidst some of the most attractive scenery in Gorski Kotar, including breathtaking view of the Kupa valley. The undulating hillsides provide good terrain for the keen walker, amateur mountaineer and hunter. Hunting excursions with experienced guides, as well as accommodation in the Lazica hunting lodge, can be organised.


Cabar, situated in the beautiful valley of the river Cabranka, is one of the most picturesque areas in the region. Lush forests, mountain paths, springs, streams and small waterfalls offer peace and tranquility and rejuvenate the shattered soul. Items of cultural interest include Zrinski Castle with its Vilim Svecnjak gallery and the collection of hunting trophies donated by Marijan Filipovic, as well as the baroque church of St. Antun and the church of Mother of God at Sveta Gora. Popular with fishermen, hikers and sports enthusiasts, Cabar is certainly worth a visit.




Approximately an hours drive from the coast is the town of Delnice, with a range of sporting facilities, accommodation, shops and services.
In the vicinity is the well known Risnjak National Park with its abundance of fauna and flora and defined pathways suitable for the enthusiastic hiker. On 6.400 ha, a relatively small land area, there are many different forest families represented, like giant spruce, beech trees, fir trees and a vast variety of evergreens.
Merely 15 km from the sea, as the crow flies, this mountain chain is a natural boundary between mediterranean and continental climate. Via Delnice the Kupa valley can be reached, ideal for fishing, kajak, canoe and rafting enthusiasts.


A picturesque town on the banks of lake Bajer and within walking distance of the attractive reservoir Lepenice and the Vrelo caves, Fuzine is ideally located to start your excursions into the wilderness or simply to spend a relaxing time with nature, away from the bustling city life.

The town offers comfortable accommodation in a number of private guest houses and pansions, some offering seasonal speciality cuisine. Why not try a bear steak, wild boar goulash, venison, trout or frogs legs? Nearby, with an easy access, is the inordinately picturesque cave Vrelo.

Whether you are a winter sports enthusiast, a hunter, fisherman, hiker, canoeist, birdwatcher; or simply want to escape for awhile the sweltering heat on the coast during the summer months, Fuzine has something for everybody!


lokve Lokve

Lokve, well known for its large lake, is a favourite haunt of fishermen due to the abundance of large carp, chub and trout. The world record lake trout weighing 25,40 kg was taken from these waters. The Lokve caves and the geologically unique Golubnjak Pass are also in the area. Cave Lokvarka, adorned with numerous stalactites, is also nearby. Should you find yourself in

Lokve during the spring it is well worth attending the Night of Frogs fiesta. An evening of traditional music, frog jumping competitions, hefty drinking, and of course, the speciality - frogs legs! frog


A popular resort for all nature lovers, Mrkopalj is situated in a wide fertile valley surrounded by numerous picturesque villages - Tuk, Brestova draga, Sunger and Begovo Razdolje, which at 1060m above sea level is the highest village in Croatia. Within the vicinity is Bjelolasica (1533m), the highest peak in Gorski Kotar, challanging the keen hiker and mountaineer with its numerous mountain tracks and the mountain lodge. During the winter the snow covered slopes offer good opportunities for all the wintersport enthusiasts.

stara susica Ravna Gora

Sited approximately 800m above sea level, the village of Ravna Gora is one of the largest settlements in the region. The area is attractive for its' unspoilt natural beauty and healthy environment. The surrounding forests are well known for their prevalence of wild berries, mushrooms and medicinal herbs. branch
In the vicinity are the Kicljeve caves, Mt. Javor,
the castle at Stara Susica and the church of St. Antun Padovan.


At 700m above sea level and 60 km from Rijeka there is the mountaineering resort Skrad. Its excellent climate and refreshing coolness during summer turned the settlement into a popular recreational destination. Below Skrad, at the bottom of the valley formed by the Skrad and Kupa peaks, there is Zeleni vir and Vrazji prolaz (Green whirlpool and Devil's pass). River Curak and its canyon created this unusually attractive phenomenon. Zeleni vir and Vrazji prolaz have been bridged and await to amaze the visitors with their entrance into what seems a magical underground world. Close to Skrad are the rivers Kupa, Kupica and Curak, offering some the finest fishing in the region.


vrbovsko Vrbovsko

Situated on the eastern border of Gorski Kotar, Vrbovsko offers a wide variety of sports facilities and outdoor activities, including hunting, fishing, horse riding. Within the region there are a number of sites of particular interest including the Zrinski-Frankopan castle in Severin na Kupi, amphitheater, museum Ivan Goran Kovacic, the monastry at Gomirje and the KamaVnik gorge. Kamacnik is certainly worth a visit. This 3 km walk alongside the crystal clear stream through lush vegetation in harmony with nature is tranquil and rejuvenates the soul.

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