- Fishing in the Kvarner Bay

Fishing in the Kvarner Bay - where to fish, how to obtain permits, what tackle to use for which fish, coastal-, deepwater- and underwater fishing.


It is interesting to note the conclusion reached by world wide fishing experts. They state that the average sports fisherman ends up paying 3 to 4 times as much for his catch as he would have if he had bought it at the local market Ah, but the satisfaction a fisherman derives cannot be measured with money!

Culinary delights of the Adriatic - acquiring the fish is an art unto itself, followed closely by cleaning and preparation, in a way to enhance it's flavour, rather than loose it, together with the valuable natural nutrients.


Some classic seafood preparation methods:- Boiled, Fried, Crumbed, Baked, Grilled ....
But do remember, the mediterranean kitchen is based on an abundance of olive oil, garlic, onions and aromatic mild spices like bay leaves and rosemary.

Popular fish and shellfish hors d'oeuvres


Some of the personal statistics and characteristics of that delicious seafood meal ...

Grooper (Scorpionfish) - grows up to 60 cm in length, reaching up to 5 kg in weight. It is of a lazy disposition and not a very enthusiastic swimmer. For protection it relies on its colouring which blends in with the environment - rather like an underwater chameleon.


Sea Bass, with its elongated, sleek body can reach up to 1m in length and 14 kg in weight. He is a mistrustful fish, thus a great deal of patience and cunning is required to catch him.

John Dory, easily recognizable with it's striking appearance; very flat body, dominant head and large mouth and eyes. Characteristic is the dark spot on it's flanks, about which there is a legend ...


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