- Brsec, Moscenice, Moscenicka Draga, Lovran, Ucka

The little village of Brsec was fortified atop an inaccessible, 157m high cliff, and as such it is, and yet is not, on the coast.
It used to have excellent wine, which, because of its density, could almost serve as a meal.


The miniature medieval town of Moscenice is squashed atop a 173m high hill with only one access.
It's museum with its ethnographic collection offers excellent opportunity to understand the local customs. Amongst other artifacts, there is the old tos, the ancient mill used to process olives into first class olive oil, functional until recently.

Once a small fishing village, Moscenicka Draga has become a classic holiday resort in the last seventy years. With its natural idyllic setting it is not surprising that it has captured tourists' attention. Indented amongst the steep slopes of Ucka, it has an early sunset, but that has some advantages - night life lasts longer.

moscenicka draga

Medveja, framed by two peninsulas, has a beautiful pebble beach and a large auto camp, with everything a camper needs. There are 1500 sites, 150 beds in chalets, a few restaurants, a post-office, mini-golf, shop and an adjacent disco.

Sheltered by the ruins of the ancient city walls, Lovran is an urban monument to traditional coastal architecture. Protected by the high Ucka mountain (1396 m), surrounded by pine, oak, bay and chestnut forests, intertwined by a hundred year old park reaching to the sea, and connected by a coastal footpath with idyllic spots and beaches, it is a truly charming resort.



Lovranske Vile

Restaurant Dopolavoro
is situated at 1000m above sea-level in a refreshing environment. It offers the best specialities of venison, wildboar and bear, as well as excellent roasts - breast or leg of veal and lamb, prepared under "peka", a traditional roasting pot

Mount Ucka, 1396m above sea level, presents a natural barrier on it's western side to many climatic surprises. Coastal resorts below, taking full advantage of this natural shelter, have consequently developed into not only summer resorts, but also health centres and winter destinations.
There is a 5km long Ucka tunnel linking Kvarner to Istria and enabling easy access to Rijeka from the north.


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