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Restaurant Dopolavoro, Ucka


Restaurant Dopolavoro is situated at 1000 m above sea-level on the Ucka mountain range in a refreshing environment.

The restaurant offers the best specialities of venison, wildboar and bear, as well as excellent roasts under the *peka* or *crpinja*
(a traditional roasting pot) - breast of veal, lamb and leg of veal.

A wide choice of soups, hors-díoeuvres, dishes prepared with forest mushrooms, wild asparagus and truffles, home-baked cakes and selected wines from renown cellars.

During your visit to Kvarner, a meal in the Restaurant Dopolavoro
is an absolute must!

Our obliging restaurant staff is there every day from
12.00 to 23.00 oíclock
Reservations are advisable

51414 Icici, Ucka 9dotCroatiadotTel: +385 (0)51 / 299-070

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