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Events in 2001

US$ 7900,00 AND (dr) Georg Adem - missing in action

I made the same experience with Dr. G.Adem. But I paid US$ 7.900.- for a second passport, DL, and ID.

The last contact was on Jan. 5th 2001. He told me to travel to Guatemala because he has to look for his contact person. Maybe he is a victim of the earthquake (?)
It is a long story...

I was looking for a second passport for a lady from Belarus and found Private Consultants with a rather good offer (end of September 2000). I asked several questions about how to use it (make it valid), references etc. and got good answers.

All the requested paperwork and different pictures were sent via Finland to Panama.
I paid 60 % out of 7.900 US $ as a pre payment - exactly at the same bank account Silly Goose mentioned. I got a message from Dr Adem that he received the pictures and the money (early November).

Delivery of PP, DL, and ID were promised by middle of December.
I transfered the open amount of 40 % because at the time of the promised delivery I stayed in Moscow. Dr. Adem sent me an e-mail that he received the money and delivery will be made before Christmas (to be sure, since the people in Guatemala are short of money).

Just before Christmas (after I asked at what time I could expect the papers, because I have to plan my travel to Russia) Dr. A. informed me that he is well known to supply in time but he did not hear anything from his man in Guatemala, so he plans is to travel to Guatemala, but because it is Christmas time the first chance would be the 5th Jan.

Last information was on the 5th of Jan.telling me that he is on his way and will inform me where we stand. That was all from his side.

I am sending him now daily reminders and wrote him that it would it be fair enough to say thank you for my gift. On the other side my personal network is good enough in more than 70 countries in the world to find him.
I need a picture of Dr. Adem and for sure we will find him!
What I do not understand are the lots of good testimonials in his guest book (?)

E.G. Ulrich

After repeatedly knocking on the door and explaining the fellow how serious the reaction could be I received the following e-mail:-

Datum: TUE, 23 JAN 2001 06:27:09 -0500
Von: chief
An: E.G.Ulrich


I am the webmaster of .
I must tell you that I haven't heard from Georg Adem since 3 weeks. There is a rumor out that he has been detained in south america, but nothing i can confirm.



Waiting for (Dr) Georg Adem .... as in - Waiting for Godot


I am waiting for documents from Georg ADEM - is he a con?

Did that Goose lady get her documents?

Please help. Can I phone you?

Brian Coote


US$ 5000,00 saved!

This guy also tried to trap one of my friends who is new to the internet.

He asked him to transfer 5000 US$ to one of his accounts in Finland. He said that much it will cost for a US Green Card.

I came to know about it and stopped my friend from doing such a foolish thing. As he said, after he is being paid, my friend has to fly to Los Angeles where his men will take him to INS and follow the procedures from there, which can take around 2 - 4 weeks till he can get the Green Card.

As he wanted the entire money up front, that made us suspicious, also the place where he lived and the place he is using Bank Accounts were completely different. Furthermore, every time he sent an email the correspondence came through a different domain name.

The main things which made us click was, the cost of 5000 US$ for a US green card is very little indeed.

Anyway, he is a cheat - I read on your web site about Silly Goose and feel sorry about that persons money, but feel good about the rest of us who are saved by such a person.


B. Sikh

Dr Fraud Georg Adem

The communication took place around Oct - Nov 2000

When I read about Silly Goose, I wrote to him " You are a fxxxxxg fraud " and I attached the link to your web page. Then he replied

" Sure, and you are a jobless sucker :-)))
Just to tell you: this lady from your link never paid for the ordered services!! If i would be such a scam the inet would be full of it... "

Then I wrote to him " Listen !! You ain't got guts to do what you say. And one more thing - Jobless people run the business which you run. Beware!! you will get screwed if you get in hands of a real bastard : )))) Do something which makes people belive, you can get millions of clients if you are a genuine person. Take Care!"

He is around - I think he replies to people where he can expect money from, and not from where he has already got the money.


B. Sikh


...GOOD News, (Dr) Georg Adem!!

This expose of some of your various shady activities has obviously just succeeded in mousing up another US$ 5000,- deal for you .... am certain it wont be the last!
and guess what (?) - the "inet" IS "full of it"!!

well .... just ease off the expensive pina-coladas :->
as always, faithfully yours

Bank Proof that Silly Goose really DID pay the US$ 2000,00! Receiving only Threats for her money. Either Sparkasse Aachen, or (Dr) Georg Adem, is blatantly lying .... wonder which one (??)

Hold onto your purse!!

Good afternoon,

I wanted to order some services at financial privacy consultants, but afterwards,
I found your site, informing about the scam from Georg Adem side.
Now I am a little bit confused.

Please advise me, did he pay You back already, or is this debt still outstanding?

Best regards,
Kelly Smith


Thanks for your kind support and save of my money. By returning thanks to You,
I would like to send one scam link, also related with priva(cyst) consultants:

I hope, it will help You. If I find more, I will immediately advise You.

Sincerely yours,
Kelly Smith


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