moi1 C'est moi - relaxing on my last birthday, 30. May 1997 - and, of course, you'll want to hit me with the proverbial sex/age/granny check .......
don't you know tis impolite to ask a witch her age??

Here's a hint - heard that the oldest living person recorded finally died,
at the ripe age of 122 - what's more, she only gave up smoking the year before, which might make a cynic suggest tis what caused her demise.

Anyway, that gives me another good three quarters of a century to smoke, surf and either improve dtp, or give it up altogether.

My given name is Renata - which, as everybody knows, means "re-born" ....... in latin :-) :-)

Soooooo, being re-born on Cyber-station No.9, my friends know me as Wendywench, together with the familiar likeness of the witch zipping around the net on her broomstick.

When i don't surf, i work ....... either way, most of the time you'll find me in my office, hugging my beloved MM - for the unenlightened - MM stands for Mighty Mac.

Soooooo, come talk to me!


then there are my humanoids, working and relaxing , respectively - my BH ......

laurie1 Laurie, the BH - short for better half, of course ...... and short for Lawrence -
an englishman at a loss in Croatia - PrEng, DScEng, etc., turned professional photographer.

.... most of the photographs featured on my pages and throughout our publications are taken by him .......

there are some show-stoppers too, his favourites.


and my two little crumb-snatchers ......



Mitchell, just turned 13 - very good in school and a future puter whizzard, unless the full-time job of being a ladies' man takes his fancy first.

Megan - 9, not quite as good in school, but makes up for it all by being cute - usually gets her way with everybody, by simply batting an eyelash.



Thank you for taking the interest to look at my page .... now, do take some time to browse around the Appleby site and experience the beautiful part of the Adriatic that we call home - ahhhh, one more thing ..... I am a visual person, sooooo, my site is full of photographs - don't let the downloading time make you edgy - tis worth it, hopefully .....
Meanwhile, would be extremely happy to hear your comments ..... please sign my

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