Incredible! difficult to believe - an entire year has gone by
since i first encountered a cyber alien and ventured to say "hi"!
But am happy to say, didn't waste time on merely getting older
would like to believe, am a year smarter, on the net a little bolder.

The initial, ah, so many nights! filled with frenzied yahoo chat
have gradually been replaced with html, java, multifaceted internet.
Also, have met some wonderful people in this virtual world
ignoring the "beware of weirdos!" which i was repeatedly told.

And guess, am a little naughty too - grammar, syntax, punctuation
all they taught me in school succumbed to a net linguistic creation;
obstinately refuse to clutter my writings with démodé capital letters
causing increased consternation ???!???! amongst my betters.

Comma, dot, dash, slash, colon and bracket, that wonderful tool!
to be used in great abundance ...... am an educated internet fool :-))
BTW, FYI :-), :-( :@, :->, :-/, %-), >;->, LOL and ROTFL madly
sure seems hip to express oneself in abbreviated fashion, and badly!

And yet - what humanity has attempted to achieve for generations
to bring people closer, overcome social barriers, unite all the nations;
Global network has accomplished that and more, without force or war
we all must admitt, that is a most wondrous and beautiful "whatfor".

Not to mention education and the vastness of useful information
ready and accessible to all who can lay their mits on a puter station.
Thus i salute this technical milestone, greatest wonder of this world
it fills me with hope - we may yet escape some of the doom foretold!

All things being equal, life's coup de théâtre letting me have my way
shall be here next year on May 30th, waiting for a "Happy Birthday"!
Equipped with audio, video and whatever else is available on the net
Wouldn't surprise me, by then we might be able to have a RL chat!