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Response to integrity attacks on and




I, the owner of the following domains:
and this one: (note the privaci instead of privacy)
have been harassed by
and their associated pseudonyms for all of SIX years now!

It started by me being cheated out of US$ 2000.- way back in year 2000, whilst attempting to buy an offshore company, by one Georg Adem (in those days): Privacy-Consultants
with numerous aliases, some listed at FPCscam

In a frustrated attempt to retaliate, I have told and hosted the entire proceedings, together with a copy of the bank draft showing that I have really paid the US$ 2000.-!! and have received nothing in return - see The Silly Goose Story

This prompted some other victims to share their bad experiences, but primarily, it caused many potential victims to enquire about Georg Adem, Thomas Deutz, Klaus Gruber, Adminus, Nino Musari, Roman, etc, as well as about the business conducted by Financial Privacy Consultants (then) and (now)

Of course I warned them! Of course I saved a lot of people a lot of money!
It prompted me to host yet another web-page warning innocent net users about various other internet scams and spams

These activities of mine obviously hurt the crooks, and they started threatening myself, my family, and some other of their victims who dared to speak up

But in my quest to warn others, I ignored the threats and left those revealing web pages for all to see, which
finally led to the sudden net demise of Georg Adem and FPC, only to reappear couple of years later with a new identity!

Only in order to offer some protection to my family do I vaguely attempt to keep my real name and location off the net, rather unsuccessfully, since I am by nature NOT a secretive person, have nothing to hide, and have never crossed the law! .... apart from a few parking tickets
!! To this I swear upon The Bible, and The Koran !!

Thus, whoever might still have some doubts about me and my activities, can very easily verify everything about me, whilst there is no way to find the real identities behind, as others have realized too
and probably many more, whom I either could not find, or they have withdrawn their exposure, probably due to similar personal threats

I appeal to all sincere, truth-loving people out there to help me stop the entirely falsified and ridiculous attacks on my integrity and save others from similar bad experiences

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please CONTACT us!