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UPDATE! 2006

Threats !

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Update 2006
Ghosts from the past ("privacy (dot) lie"?) = Financial Privacy Con !!

Well, well, and there was that poor Silly Goose ready to forgive and forget! .... actually, maybe not quite forgive, certainly not forget (!), but at least file it away as yet another unfortunate lesson of life

But then that stupid conman surfaces again and places yet another confidence-inspiring trap at

And as if that wasn't bad enough, he plasters the net with malicious dispersions upon MY character !!

Amongst other things:-

* escaped from German authorities in 1997, warrant for her outstanding (fraud, embezzlement of small investors in Germany, from 1991- 1996, damage 18 million EURO

Believe me, with 18 mil i'd be sitting on a pretty beach in the Bahamas talking to fish only .... besides, i have just spent 2 months in Germany, and guess what (!) they didn't arrest me :-)


* Her web sites and are the innocent looking frontpages for a continued fraud and unethical behavior.

Fancy somebody as anonymous as that conman spreading slander about the Silly Goose, whose identity is accessible to anybody who wants to see! is a totally NON-profit service!
Whoever cares to check either sites will immediately realize that neither of them have ANY means whatsoever to extract money from ANYBODY..... unlike privacy.lie

Of course, i have no access to their forum, it is strictly monitored by adminus (adding your minuses) - otherwise, i would have put my 2 penny's worth out there long ago

To Georg Adem, Thomas Deutz, Klaus Gruber, Adminus, Nino Musari, Roman ..... or whatever name you are using lately:-

you take my money;
you slander my webspace;
you threaten and hassle me
you are a mosquito !!

I was told you were sent to the Looser's section of Hell all of five years ago!! .... thought you choked on my money:-/

But seeing that you insist on adding insults to injury on your vindictive, idiotic and slanderous forum, i shall continue trying to find some more of your victims - i am certain there are many! - if we combine our resources, maybe justice will prevail and you will be put away for 30 years at least! - what makes you so sure you cannot be arrested? too many second passports??

You intimidate me about as much as a mosquito does ...... sure, am sorry for the time i have to waste on slimy you & co., but then i am happy that at least i have cost you an identity or two ..... not to mention all the sheep you lost :-)

Georg Adem,, etc, etc ...... browse this site for the full story, and check what some other people have to say about "privacy (dot) lie" :

Fortunately, our pet conman has started to make grave mistakes,
or you would not be reading this :-).. . and if you are one of his victims, DO TELL !

What we know


Financial Privacy Consultants, Inc.
Holland, Gouda

- Bank -

Paritate Bank; 4 Terbatas Street, Riga, Latvia
Account Number: 0000 3290 0017

- Original Registrant -

St. Georges House, 31A St. Georges Road Leyton
London E10 5RH, UK

Domain Name: PRIVACY-CONSULTANTS.COM Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact, Billing Contact: Musari, Nino (NM1402)

Debax Inc. St. Georges House, 31A St. Georges Road Leyton, London, E10 5RH, UK
011441716811767 (FAX) 011441716811767

- URLs -
.... and of course quite an array of Web Aliases, like ....
.... etc .... all of them leading to the same scamster!!

- Represented by -

"Dr" Georg Adem - residing in ... Panama (??)
.... or whatever alias he is using this week ....
Gdem - Administrator for a Curzon forum
Igor (FPC's webmaster)
Klaus Gruber - alias or affiliate (??)

Appleby If you have a scam story to tell,