The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The forests and countryside of the Kvarner region are rich in fauna and flora and are well known for the abundance of fungi. Accordingly, one of the favorite pastimes during autumn is "Mushroom Hunting". But, take care! Some are good and edible, some are bad and poisonous, and some are just downright ugly.

The photograph shows an Amanita muscaria, or Fly Agaric, - POISONOUS!! - and reasonably common in Croatia, typically growing under pine and birch trees. It is a classic-looking mushroom, often featured in fairy stories for it's vivid bright red colour and white spots. However, the older specimens, like the ones above, change their shape with age, whilst the spots on the cap become less obvious - therefore, could be mistaken for the edible, delicious Amanita caesarea.

Thus, Beware! -
You haven't been sick until you have eaten a poisonous mushroom!

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All photographs by Laurie Hensman, Appleby ©