Lungo Mare, the 12 km long coastal footpath, stretching from Volosko to Lovran - one of the great charms of Kvarner bay
This is a typical atmosphere during early spring - warm enough to start thinking about the seaside again, yet not allowed to forget the winter by the crisp air coming down from the still snow-capped mountains of Gorski kotar
No wonder so many people fell in love, in and with Opatija

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a note from the webmistress:-

Whilst digging around some old dusty archives researching Opatija's history for the "What's on Kvarner", i came across an obscure old love letter written by Nobody to Somebody, in the early 19xx
Inexplicably, that letter made a lasting impression ...... maybe because it portrayed the spring atmosphere on the Opatija Riviera in a simple, rather touching, yet very real manner
The original letter was written in german, and the quoted poem in hungarian ..... here is the rough extraction:-

Spring is in the air

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