Cyber Rules Cyber Rules
A series of deliberate considerations and well-reasoned actions designed to help even a technophobic newcomer tackle both the promises and the challenges of the virtual marketplace.
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Fighting Computer Crime Fighting Computer Crime
This compelling and at times alarming book introduces a new framework for protecting info, and a revolutionary new approach to computer security.
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Cyber Fraud Avoiding Cyber Fraud
The first book to empower auditors and small business owners with the knowledge needed to prevent cyber fraud.
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Watch out for Specials
Cyber Crime Cyber Crime : How to Protect Yourself from Computer Criminals
A detailed look at what's happening in the world of computer crime, complete with insights into the minds of the perpetrators - from the mischievous to the malicious.
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Life & Death on the Internet Life and Death on the Internet
This informative book starts out explaining a few simple facts about the Internet and then gets serious with solutions to privacy issues every Internet user faces, especially parents.
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Complete Idiot's Guide The Complete Idiot's Guide to Protecting Yourself Online
Do you like buying things on the Internet with your credit card? Think other people wouldn't like buying things with your credit card too?
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Secure Internet Connection Securing Internet Commerce
Weak Links, Practical Solutions

Commerce over the Internet will be the wave of the future, provided businesses can allay consumer fears about security.
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If you're looking to develop your business online, this book belongs on your desk, not your bookshelf. Highly recommended.
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Stopping Spam Stopping Spam
This book is not just a great resource for home users annoyed by spam ... in dealing with its subject matter, one gets a very readable overview of just WHAT all that alphabet soup at the top of your Email and Usenet postings actually is.
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How the Internet works How the Internet works
The Internet does many wondrous things, but an alarming number of them remain "black boxes" whose interior workings are a mystery. This book shows how information gets from here to there on the world's network.
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